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Air Cargo Charters

When your delivery cannot wait and there are no scheduled flights available, count on a company with critical shipping expertise. Spectrum Courier specializes in chartering flights for clients in difficult circumstances, reserving a plane that won’t serve anyone but you. Whether you’re dealing with excessive customer demands, an interrupted production process, or perishable orders, we’re happy to help you out of your jam.

Cargo air charter services are designed to fill the gaps of traditional air shipping. Ordinarily, air freight providers offer flights to each destination in regular intervals, which firms must schedule in advance. While this arrangement works for the majority of air shipments, it fails when businesses are facing:

Interrupted Shipments – If a regular flight is canceled or delayed, essential production parts may not reach their destinations in time. Air charters minimize the length of the interruption, potentially saving thousands of dollars in productivity.

Remote Deliveries – If a business is located far from any major cities, or one of its suppliers is in such a location, scheduled air freight flights may not make trips there often enough to meet the shipping needs. In such a situation, air freight charter services are the only way to make such a shipment quickly.

Storage Complications – Perishable and fragile goods often have to be shipped using specialized equipment that keeps them in good condition. While it is possible to request this equipment on scheduled flights, cargo air charter services will have an easier time accommodating you.

Air cargo charter companies provide a crucial backup plan for companies that face serious shipping constraints. Spectrum Courier is committed to providing such alternatives to firms throughout Canada and the United States, ensuring that no company has to suffer from difficult shipping.

Let's help you ship your goods fast and deliver it to the destination safely.